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Adult Lesson Packages

Lesson packages are available from all of our instructors.  Currently lesson packages are offered in groups of 3 lessons and 5 lessons.  Lesson packages are a great way for a regular to student to pre-pay lessons at a discounted price. They also make great gifts for friends and family.  Please see below for our instructors’ available lesson packages and prices.  Credits for purchased lessons will be applied to your account.  3 and 5 Lesson packages do not expire. 

Purchase Online Here

Andrew Stephens

  • Adult 5 Lesson Package (1 Hour Lessons)- $450
  • Adult 3 Lesson Package (1 Hour Lessons)- $285

Sara Stephens

  • Adult 5 Lesson Package (60 Minutes)- $375
  • Adult 5 Lesson Package (45 Minutes)- $325

Jeff Kruempelman

  • Adult 3 Lesson Package (45 Minutes)- $175