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Trackman Myths

Trackman makes lessons too complicated. 

FALSE. Trackman simply reports data to the instructor. As a student, you should want your instructor to be an informed as possible regarding your golf swing. Without Trackman we are left only with educated guesses. Trackman has allowed me to become much more of a feel teacher because the only thing we focus on with trackman is impact and the flight of the ball. 

Trackman will give me too many swing thoughts or will make me too technical. 

FALSE. Trackman does nothing other than collect and report data. Trackman provides NO swing solutions or advice. How the data is used is completely instructor dependent. Students have the option to learn as much or as little about the technology as they wish. Some of my students learn as much as they can about their numbers, some choose to let me view the data and trust me to interpret it and apply it to their instruction. No matter how you choose to approach it, it will make golf simpler and take you to new levels with your golf game. 

Trackman tries to make everyone swing the same way. 

FALSE. It’s impossible to tell the visual difference of Jim Furyk and Adam Scott hitting a 7 iron with Trackman. Both players produce world class impact, and that’s our only goal. You will learn how to feel your desired swing by using Trackman. Some players prefer to hit a fade, some a draw. Either way, we will utilize Trackman to learn how to create the impact conditions required to hit the desired shot. 

Utilizing Trackman within my instruction will make golf simpler, improve your ball striking, and allow you to have more fun….GUARANTEED!